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November12, 2019
by Eporto

Johns Hopkins University or JHS is a private research university which was founded in 1876 which is situated at the Baltimore, Maryland. The university is given its name after its benefactor Johns Hopkins, who was the American abolitionist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Motto of the Johns Hopkins University is “Knowledge for the word”.

The Johns Hopkins University have got nine academic divisions in total serving a total of 21,000 students. These divisions are: Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Whiting School of Engineering, Carey Business School, School of Education, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, Peabody Institute of music, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

The university has four campuses in Baltimore with regional satellite campuses throughout Maryland, and a biotech hub north of Washington, DC.

The Johns Hopkins University have got a great presence across more than 150 countries which include China, France, Argentina, Italy, Singapore etc because of its extensive and great abroad program. The medical and nursing students can get recognition across 19 countries and not only that but the university has got a great program for BA students that they encourages them to spend a year of their semester abroad and provide them with ample exposure.     

The University has got a rich diversity within the campus. There are more than 3000 international students from more than 120 countries across the world, making a total of 20% out of the total university students.

The Johns Hopkins have got a total of 39 Nobel Laureates that have been a part of the university whether they are students or faculty members.
28th US President Woodrow Wilson is one of the notable alumni of the Johns Hopkins University. Other notable alumni that have roamed the corridors of Johns Hopkins University are famous journalist PJ O’Rourke, film director Wes Craven and journalist, writer, narrator Russell Baker who also received  Pulitzer Prize.

The University has got its own sports team which is called as the Blue jays and the color representing it are black and blue with the North American native blue Jay Bird as their official mascot.

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland which used to be a working-class port in the past and not only that due to university the place is now known as the ”Charm City”.

The Built of the university comprises of the red-bricked structures with a large area of woodland, also the university have the famous clock tower within its campus to increase its .

Why choose John Hopkins University

1. Vast Knowledge

The Johns Hopkins University is built on the grounds of the knowledge that is the faculty there is quite knowledgeable and are eager to share their pool of knowledge with all of their students as great mentors. So in order to drink from the pool of the knowledge then this is the place for you. 

2. Great Research Scenario

The Johns Hopkins University provides a great deal of research opportunities for all it’s students. With ample resources to carry out your research the university also supports in any way possible and all the mentors make sure that you’ve completed your research work properly.

3. Not much Campus Area

Not every great university needs a large campus area to add to it’s greatness, even though it is situated in the largest city of Maryland but it hasn’t got much of the campus area. Which in this case proved to be great as in largest city campus don’t need any much of unnecessary things inside the campus. As the are is small you can find anything easily without much effort.

4. Great Community

The people at the university live within a great and closely built community with each of them working together to make all of them better people and help humanity in a positive way. The student here are great and are eager to help fellow students and learn more themselves from them.

Johns Hopkins University admissions

There are two distinctive programs that the Johns Hopkins provide to their students. The University provides Undergraduate and Graduate programs along with various online courses that help people from around the world. The detailed description of the following courses have been listed below.

The Johns Hopkins University undergraduate admissions:

In the following program the university provides 51 majors and 46 minors. The students that enrolled under the college in the past fall are about 5,292. The ratio that the students and teachers have there is 7:1 i.e 1 teacher on every 7 students. The students from all over the states and about 51 countries entered the undergraduate program this past year.

The Johns Hopkins University graduate admissions:

The Johns Hopkins University Graduate School believes in the fact that the students must be taught practically rather than using ways such as writing s and video lectures. There are several schools that enroll graduate students under them to help them pursue their desired careers. The schools that are under Graduate admissions at the Johns Hopkins University  are:

1. School of Advanced International Studies

Under the School of Advance of International Studies or SAIS what they call it you’ve got various opportunities in various fields  such as doctoral programs , master programs, summer programs etc. 

2. Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

Under this school there are 26 different graduate programs that are full time falling in natural and social sciences, arts, humanities. The main aim at the university is to make better people out of their students.

3. Carey Business School

The Carey Business School is based on the foundation that the students accepted here have some purpose in life they don’t want to just make simple business man they want to form intellectual business leaders who aim for the betterment of their society in their respective fields. 

4. School of Education

At the John Hopkins School of education every year top notch students in the field of teaching, administration, counselling etc are rolled out. The university believes in the way that by gaining education for the purpose of society you are  uniting the world for the same cause.

5. Whiting School of Engineering

Main aim that Whiting School focuses on during it’s enrollment of the selected students is that they should work by the aim of creating a world class knowledge that can help in the betterment of the society. The university has got a great history of world class engineers, curators, scientists etc that have been a part of the school of engineering at the Johns Hopkins University and contributing their fare share to the world.

6. School of Medicine

The John Hopkins University is famous for its pioneering medical practices and medical teachings. It’s one of the first authentic schools with which the university gained its momentum and is achieving great heights in the medical field ever since.

7. School of Nursing

At the Johns Hopkins University students who are eager and came in with a to do attitude are always welcomed and the application from around the world are accepted in is entirety.

8. Peabody Institute

At the Peabody Institute the university provides its students with the opportunity to explore different opportunities in the music. The Johns Hopkins University offers degrees in composition, computer music, conducting, performance, jazz, music education, music theory, and recording arts and sciences under the Peabody Institute. 

9. Bloomberg School of Public Health

The school was founded in 1916 and since then the school is providing the best research and educational practices helping a lot of people from around the globe. The school works daily to keep the people around the world safe and healthy.

Extracurricular Activities

At the Johns Hopkins university life is celebrated at it’s best, the university is not all about the academics it has got its own 24 varsity sports team. For a fact that more than half of the undergraduate students plays some kind of club or intramural sports. Every year there is a three day celebration with music and enjoyment known as the Spring Festival, which is also the largest student run festival. At the Johns Hopkins University for more than 80% of the students are engaged in the students organisation activities. There are nearly 350+ organisations under 13+ topics. These organisations include topics such as Academic and Research, Media, Sports Club etc. In case your want to know more about their organisations and activities you can visit their site here.

Fee Structure

The fee structure is listed by the Johns Hopkins University itself and the listing is for the academic year 2019-20.

Undergraduate Fee Structure

Undergraduate Tuition Fee for the Year 2019-20
SchoolTuition Fee
School of Arts and Sciences$55,350
School of Engineering$55,350
Peabody Institute$51,077

Note: The following data is provided by the university itself and is for the year 2019-2020.

Graduate Fee Structure

Graduate Tuition Fee for the Year 2019-20
SchoolTuition Fee
School of Advanced International StudiesWashington: $52,300
School of Arts and Sciences$55,350
Carey Business School$61,000($1,410/credit)
School of Education$793/credit
School of Engineering$55,350
School of Medicine$54,900
School of NursingFull-time MSN: $40,512Full-time MSN/MPH: $55,744
Peabody Institute $51,077
School of Public Health$69,720(full-time MPH—5 terms)

Note: The following data is provided by the university itself and is for the year 2019-2020.

Doctoral Fee Structure

Doctoral Tuition Fee for the Year 2019-20
SchoolTuition Fee
School of Advanced International Studies$52,300
School of Arts and Sciences$55,350
School of Education$43,923
School of EngineeringPhD: $55,350Doctor of Engineering: $65,000
School of Medicine$54,900
School of NursingFull-time PhD: $42,012Full-time DNP: $31,896
Peabody Institute $51,077
School of Public Health $55,776

Note: The following data is provided by the university itself and is for the year 2019-2020.


What is the GPA requirement for the Johns Hopkins University?

To get admitted within the university you must have a GPA of 3.7 out of 4.0 which is the clear indication that the students with A grade scores are accepted within the Johns Hopkins University.

What is the Johns Hopkins University best known for?

The university is best known for its medicinal studies. It trains and teaches its students the art of medicine with the sole purpose of helping and in the well being of the society.

Is there any interview before getting into Johns Hopkins University?

As per regular process there is no interview  that is held during an admission process, but there is a personal session where you get a chance to tell the admissions committee about your application about your interests within the university and also ask questions related to school from them as well.

What is the acceptance rate for the Johns Hopkins University?

The acceptance rate for the fall students was 11% out of the 29,127 students who submitted their applications with them. Which if you may ask is very competitive and you need to work hard on your grades to get that done.

How are studies inside Johns Hopkins?

The Johns Hopkins University is a reputation to keep and to maintain that the university curriculum is rigorous. Because there are students that are from around the world and there is quite a competition the class becomes a challenge space for all sitting there trying to prove their worth.

Does Johns Hopkins University accept transfer students?

Yes, Johns Hopkins gladly accepts the transfer students from two and four-years colleges and universities into the sophomore and junior classes in the fall semester only. There are no transfer students accepted during spring, summer or winter.

We’ve tried to cover most of the topics about The Johns Hopkins University, its Admissions, Courses and Fee Structure above, but in case we’ve missed anything please let us know in the comment section below and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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