What Makes Yale University USA An Ideal University For You?

September4, 2019
by Eporto

Yale University is the third-oldest higher education institution in the US. Yale is a private research university that is also a part of the Ivy League.

Yale University history is considered to be dated back to 1701 and the first time Yale was founded as the Collegiate School in Saybrook, Connecticut. The university was later moved to New Haven 15 years later. Yale University was renamed, in the honour of Welsh benefactor Elihu Yale in 1718. Yale was the USA’s first university to award a PhD in 1861.

The Art Galleries of Yale are quite extensive and are the first in any college within America which were established in the year 1832. The gallery was donated by John Trumbell in order to rest his paintings of the American Revolution. The museum within Yale University USA consists of important collections of palaeontology, archaeology, and ethnology and is called as Peabody Museum of Natural History.

The area that Yale university covers 260 acres of New Haven which includes central campus. The central campus there has buildings that even date back to the mid-18th century.

Connecticut Hall is considered as one of the oldest buildings on the campus of Yale University, which was built in 1750 which is made in the Georgian style.

There are 14 schools that comprise Yale university. The courses that the students cover before choosing any majors in their respective courses are liberal arts, humanities and arts, sciences and social sciences. Along with all these, Yale university students also receive lessons and instructions on foreign languages, writing skills, and quantitive reasoning.

Yale University students are housed in residential colleges on the model of the famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, usually for the USA. Yale University has got 12 colleges that are historic and the construction for the other two schools started in 2014 as well.

Yale University has got one in five students which are international and for a fact, almost half of the undergraduate students receive some kind of aids or scholarship from the university.

Yale is the second-richest educational institution with the endowment exceeding $25 billion. Yale University library has got more than 15 million books which makes it the third-largest in the USA.

The name that’s given to Yale’s alumni and sports team is “Bulldogs” and Yale have produced a lot of politicians having a notable career in politics, including alumni having successful careers in arts and science.

Its great history has benchmark like four of its graduates have signed the Declaration of Independence. Yale has taught and been home to five of the USA’s presidents including William Howard Taft, Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Yale’s notable alumni include Paul Krugman an economist who has won a  Nobel Prize, whereas other 32 alumni have won the Pulitzer Prize

Yale is home to other popular alumni like actress Meryl Streep and secretaries of the state Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Due to such rich history, Yale is home to some of the oldest buildings which include the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, and Sterling Memorial Library.

Yale is situated in New Haven which is a city of 130,000 people, located south of Boston about 2 and a half hours away and it is also north of New York with only one and a half-hour away. There are many shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. the town also has beaches, historic attractions, and hiking trails as well.

According to sources until October 2018, Yale University USA has got 5 Field Medalist, also 3 Turing Award Winners have been affiliated with the University as well. This is just the beginning as Yale has also tutored 15 US Supreme Court Justice, with hundreds of the members of the Congress and many other diplomats. University has produced hundreds of brilliant students who are hends or have been heads of the state as well. Yale has got 31 living Billionaire, 22 Christensen Scholars, 78 MacArthur Fellows, 247 Rhodes Scholars and 119 Marshall Scholars are also part of the notable alumni of the Yale University USA.

Within the city of New Haven, the Yale University USA is considered to be the largest Taxpayer and Employer amongst all others. Yale’s Art Galleries have got open access to all the people who visit it. Some of the other University resources are also readily available to all. Yale also raises funding to the New Haven Promise program within which they pay the full fee for the students who are from New Haven Public school and matches the minimum criteria for it.

Why Choose Yale University?

Why Choose Yale University

Well, you’ll be thinking that history and alumni are good but what do Yale offer that makes it more promising than other universities out there. What are the points or top features that make it ideal for the students who wish to find the best colleges for their crucial study time? So let’s get into it without any further delay: 

Unmatchable Facilities and standards.

As it is considered as the research university, the location and the facilities are top-notch and unmatchable. As there are some of the finest teachers and facilities available which makes Yale the best university to consider for further studies or to complete your research in the USA as well as for foreign students. 

Help students in building their careers.

Yale provides the students with mentors from every department that helps in guiding and assisting the students in entering the job market. Which makes Yale the University that guides the students in and out of the institution and their academic careers. The documentation from the Graduate schools helps the students in their jobs until their retirements. There is a whole department dedicated to the welfare of students that teaches them how to prepare for their career and even helping them in building their CV/ Resume, practising interview, searching for jobs, etc.

Have a Playful Environment.

Yale is not only all about academics, but it also offers recreational activities to the students as well. Yale has got a lot of extracurricular activities from which you can choose. Some of these activities include sports, music, theatre, learnIng calligraphy, learning new languages, etc. As there is one of the largest libraries around the world, there are some magnificent books to choose from and learn new things every day.

These are few of the many features of Yale that makes it an idle choice of university for higher studies. If you want more reasons then feel free to visit their website here. 

Courses offered by the Yale University

Yale University Course

The following are the Yale University Course list that is offered to students from the state and from the US as well:

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Graduate and Professional Schools
  3. Non-Degree Seeking Students
  4. Summer Sessions
  5. World Fellows

Undergraduate Courses

Within the undergraduate program, Yale carefully reviews the applications that are sent to the University. Yale University admission process is considered to be thorough and open to the students who are the best of the best. The students are enrolled under five or either four courses within each semester which enables them to have almost 36 courses throughout their degree. There are roughly 2,000 courses offered each and every year which would take a person 200 years to study these courses.

Graduate and Professional School

Within Yale, the School of Arts & Sciences and 12 other professional schools offer the advance degrees to the students opting for Graduate Admissions. Below are some of the courses listed that Yale offered under this program:

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Under Yale’s School of Arts & Sciences the courses like M.Phil, M.S. and PhD and other 74 departments and programs for receiving a degree.

School of Architecture

Under the School of Architecture, Yale University helps the students to be educated in order to practice architecture as innovative, creative, fruitful and in responsible kind of way.  

School of Art

Under the School of Arts Yale produces the artists that have got high creativity and a brilliant perspective towards arts.

Divinity School

Yale’s Divinity School is home to some of the brilliant spiritual leaders. Yale University educates the Ministers and Scholars that are brilliant and competitive as well.

School of Drama

Yale encourages students to create art forms that are brilliant and magnificent in nature. In the years, the Yale University students of Drama School have set standards across the globe with their bold and beautiful arts.

School of Engineering & Applied Science

At Yale School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, the students are engaged in the process of Research and Development of various cutting edge technologies that are helping in solving various problems of the world and helping various people in this process.

School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Yale University believes in restoring the power of mother nature and they have reflected this in their Campus as well. Under the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the same education is given to students. These studies are dedicated to protecting, sustaining and regenerating the health of our biosphere.  

Law School

Yale University Law school is home to most of the world’s finest legal minds which are nurtured in order to protect and respect the law and always live by it. The Faculty and staff at Law School are well renowned in their profession providing the students with lots of opportunities.

School of Management

The Yale School of Management is home to the top class alumni and students who have dedicated themselves for the betterment of the economy but developing the organizations that are dedicated to this purpose and understanding the factors that are transforming the global markets.

School of Medicine

Medical Science is the field which helps a lot of people from around the world by curing the problems that are dangerous and life-threatening in nature. The Yale University School of Medicine teaches the students to respect this profession and work for the well being of society. The graduates of the School of Medicine aims to become the leaders in biotechnology and public policy, innovators in clinical practice.

School of Music

As we all know music is the remedy that helps everyone in some way and the School of Music helps to give the world some of the finest musicians by teaching them the fine art of music.

School of Nursing

The main focus of the Nursing School at Yale University is to produce the community that is deeply committed to the well being and provides patient-centred health care which is right of every person.

School of Public Health

At the Yale’s School of Public Health, the students are involved in the research and innovations that help in providing better and improved health services to the world

Non-Degree Seeking Students

This amazing program helps the students who are not of Yale to access the content produced by Yale University itself. The following program helps the student to dive into an enormous knowledge offered by Yale University.

Summer Sessions

Yale not only provides the Year-round academic program to the Yale as well as students who visit the Yale for summer training, Yale’s Writer’s Workshop or to get Yale’s courses that are offered to all in this program. The courses are available online or in New Haven or abroad. The students visit from around the world just to hone their skills. The exclusive courses that are offered for the students visiting include aw, business, or English with other certificate programs as well.

World Fellows 

The world fellow program is the most competitive program out there that is offered by the Yale university to all the people from around the world and from different sectors from around the world. The classes comprise of the people form various Geographic locations from around the world which are also perfectly balanced in terms of geographical location. As there are a lot of people from around the world the obviously the people have got unique talents, with a lot of different professions and different points of view as well. The program is started from mid-August and ends in mid-December. Under this program, the students are residents of Yale University USA.

These are the Yale University Courses that they offer on-campus and online, for more brief information on admission process and requirements please visit their website for Admissions as well.

Fee Structure

Yale University Fee Structure

Undergraduate Fee Structure

The undergraduate tuition and fees at Yale University for the year 2018-2019 are $53,430. The estimated cost for the Undergraduate year 2019-2020 is estimated at about $55,540. The estimate has risen by 3.95% from the previous session. The cost of living on campus has increased by 3.08% as of the previous year. For a fact, Yale University cost of attendance is similar to the other schools that are out there.

Tuition & Fees For 2018-2019 Academic Year (Undergraduate)
YearTuition & FeesOn-Campus Room & Board, Other Expenses
Change % 2018-20193.95%3.08%

Note: The cost change is based on the cost change rate from the previous section.

Graduate Fee Structure

The graduate tuition and fees at Yale University are $42,100. The estimated cost for the Undergraduate year 2019-2020 is estimated at about $43,230. The estimate has risen by 2.68% from the previous session.

Tuition & Fees For 2018-2019 Academic Year (Graduate)
YearTuition & FeesOn-Campus Room & Board, Other Expenses
Change % 2018-20192.68%3.08%

Note: The cost change is based on the cost change rate from the previous section.


What is Yale University known for?

Yale University is famous for its outstanding programs in drama and music, which is also with some of the world-class student organizations formed within Yale such as famous Capella group known as Whiffenpoofs and Yale Dramatic Association.

What GPA do you need to get into Yale?

To get into Yale you’ll need a GPA of 4.12 along with you being top in your class. In order to compete with other students who are applying with you, you need straight A’s in every subject you’ve opted for.

Does everyone get an interview at Yale?

At Yale, the interviews will be offered to the number of places available and are provided to as many students as possible and a request for an alumni interview may not be adequate. According to Yale University, the students who do not get an interview are never placed at a disadvantage in comparison to other students who do.

Is Yale medical school?

No Yale is not a medical School but Yale has got its own medical School which is located within the main University. Yale University is ranked No. 13 in terms of best Medical School.

Is Yale private?

Yes, Yale is a private university that is also a part of the Ivy League located in New Haven, Connecticut. Yale University is also one of the nine Colonial Colleges that was privileged before the American Revolution and also making it the third-oldest institution of Higher education.

What SAT score do you need for Yale

The Yale University requirements for SAT’s should be at least 1420, which is not an absolute requirement but you need this much SAT score in order to get considered by Yale. In other words, 1420  will place you below average just to get considered by the university.

We’ve tried to cover most of the topics about Yale University USA, its Admissions, Courses and Fee Structure above, but in case we’ve missed anything please let us know in the comment section below and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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