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November21, 2019
by Eporto

The University that we are covering in this article is considered to be one of the top most prestigious universities within the US. The university is known as the University of California, Berkeley. Which was founded in the year 1868.

After the creation of the University of California, Berkeley from then the main focus of the university is to contribute to the California’s progress and add more glory to its new generation and help them achieve greatness in life.

The university consists of the blue and gold colors which were chosen in the year 1873 which have got a great significance to the university ideals. The Blue color not only represents the blue sky and the blue ocean but it also represents Yale graduates that also helped in founding the university. The gold color represents the famous glory of the California also known as Golden State of the US. The University houses about 27,000 undergraduates and 10,000 postgraduate students every year.

Not only the students are outstanding at the university but also the faculty here are amazing as well. There are 107 Nobel Laureates, 19 Pulitzer Prize winners, 25 Turing Awards and 14 Field Medalist winners including both teachers and researchers.

The faculty of Berkeley includes the Saul Perimutter, who was the person leading the physics team of the people who are responsible for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe and got a Nobel prize for his work in the year 2011.The other faculty member who have won the Nobel prize includes George Akerlof who received it in the field of Economics for showing how access to different information results in the malfunction of the markets for both buyers and sellers.

Other notable alumni within the University of California Berkeley includes Georgy Peck who’s an Oscar winner, others include Joan Didion famous author, Alex Morgan who’s also US Women footballer who’s also won the World Cup in 2019 as co-captain.Also the journalist and novelist Jack London have also paved the halls of the University as well.

The University of Berkeley is also a center of the political activism. The campus during the 1960s and 70s was an active spot for the students who were protesting against the Vietnam War.

The campus not only offer world class studies but also provides various center of attractions such as memorial stadium with a capacity of holding 60,000 people to carry out various sports activities, by the university. There is also a botanic garden which was established in the year 1890.

In 2012 Olympics that were held in London,The University of California Berkeley’s sports team won 11 gold, one silver and five bronze medals with a total of 17 medals. Which makes it not only a top university in academics but it’s outstanding in sports and extracurricular activities as well.

Why To choose University of California Berkeley

Why choose University of California Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley is one of the most prestigious universities out there but what are the reasons that makes it an ideal choice for you. Below we are listing some reasons that we think might be the one making it this much prestigious.

  1. Location
    No other university can be set up in such an amazing town with such nice locality and great environment to explore and also fell nice to live in such a prosperous and glittering area. With the location close to Silicon Valley there are many opportunities to attain and explore.
  2. Community
    It’s known that most of the prestigious colleges have a closely built community, but what makes the community of Berkeley different is that the students here are great in all fields of life and helps in achieving not only their fellow student’s dream but they also helps in making the world better through their research.
  3. A hub of Knowledge
    The University campus has  got various research facilities, museums etc, that helps the students in their research and studies. The university has got various institutes such as Energy & Climate Institute etc that are solely dedicated to the particular research products. So there are an ample amount of resources that helps in boosting your research and studies as well.
  4.  World class faculty and students
    The faculty and students that are working together to make the world a better place through their research and unparallel devotion towards their work. You’ll be surrounded by these people who are constantly growing and helping others grow as well.

These are the reasons that we think makes University of California Berkeley an ideal university for  higher studies and research purpose. If you want more then you can visit their page here.

University of California Berkeley Admissions

Berkeley claims that is is the world’s No. 1 private university across the world. There are 14 different schools and colleges which are attended by more than 35,000 students enrolled under 350 and more programs. University offers admissions in Graduate and undergraduate fields with some online and summer programs as well.

University of California Berkeley Undergraduate Admission

Berkeley offers admission to the freshmen students not only from the state but also to the transfer students as well. The University under its undergraduate admission provides courses under five colleges and one school. Not only that but it helps the students for medical preparations and sends a decent amount of students to the medical related schools for further studies. nOt only that there are set of courses that helps the students in getting into law school and pursue their dreams.

    The college offers students with the liberal arts and education studies with offering them participation in various courses. The college offers you the opportunity to participate in various activities in science, social and other fields. They encourage you to create art and seek answers to various other problems in the process as well.
    The college offers students with various chemistry field studies including organic, inorganic, physical, chemical biology etc and help them exploring various aspects.
    The college provides its students with the opportunity to study in the world class environment with top notch resources and faculty members. The college is known for its outstanding reputation across the world and is the leader in Engineering on national level with its high impact from its teaching and research ways. A few of the departments in which the college teaches the students include Civil, Computer Science, Mechanical department and many more.
    Under this college students are taught architecture, independent design, landscape design. The college prepares students to either prepare for their work in real life, get a degree or either help them in their research study.
    As the name suggests the college provides the students with the knowledge to save and preserve the natural resources and the environment in order to help the society. They teach their students how to help society while preserving the natural resources in the process.
    The school provides the students with technical business knowledge so that they become well prepared for industry after they are graduated from the school. For a fact the school is only for the transfer students.

The above are the listing of all the colleges and schools that the University of California, Berkeley have which provides it’s undergrads with various courses of their dreams. If you want to explore a detailed information about all the courses you can visit their Office of Undergraduate Admission site as well.

University of California Berkeley Graduate Admission

The University of California Berkeley provides more than 100 courses to their students from which they can choose from and pursue their masters or Ph.D as well  There are various programs such as joint degree programs, concurrent degree programs etc. Also the university awards the masters degree to the students who are pursuing their PhD when they complete the requirements listed by the University.

To find out more about the university’s graduate programs and the degree associated with them you can visit their official Graduate Program website as well.

Summer programs

Under the summer program The University of California Berkeley provides the students with a great variety of courses to choose from and thus helps in giving the students a world class Berkeley educational experience. There are 600+courses every year at the summer program. With a seven different sessions the university teaches the students in these varying time sessions. 

Study Abroad Program

The University of California Berkeley program provides students with the opportunity to study on foreign lands and get the education they desire without worrying about the expenses with proper guidance and pre plan your every move and get on with your studies abroad. For more information or if you wish to opt for their program please visit their Study Abroad program website.

Extracurricular Activities at The University of California Berkeley

Berkeley Extracurricular

The university provides you with the opportunity to engage yourself in 1200+ student organisations and clubs. The fascinating fact about these organisation is that you don’t have to choose only one club if you’ve got more than one interest you can join all of those organisations that share your interests. The university have got students government organization to peace corps to maintain discipline within the university. They engage in traditional or their own activities. Other than the fact the you can join any number of organisations you can even create your own organisation if your interest don’t match any of the organisations within the college. Other than organisation the University of California Berkeley provides the users with the opportunity to become leaders and help in making the world a better place by their vision and immense devotion. You can get enrolled in the lead program by starting at the LEAD Center. As we have discussed earlier that the University of California Berkeley have got a great sporting history and also focuses on the athletics as well. With a Golden bear as the Sports team symbol they devote themselves in sports just like they do with their studies as well. So Berkeley keeps tabs on both academics and extracurricular activities to make their students grow mentally and physically to face real life problems head on and achieve greater heights in life.

The University of California Berkeley Fee Structure

University of California Berkeley Fee Structure

The following fee structure data is provided by the university itself,there are no modification or changes of any kind. The tuition for the University of California Berkeley is provided below with detailed listing of all the expenses of students living on and off campus.

Undergraduate Fee Structure

Undergraduate Fee Structure for 2019-20

Resident StudentsNon Resident Students
Tuition and Fees$14,184$14,184
Nonresident supplemental tuition
Nonresident supplemental tuition$2,994$2,994
Room and board$17,110$17,110
Books and supplies$870$870

Transportation$400 $400
Total    $29,078 $66,426

Note: The following data is provided by the university itself and is for the year 2019-2020.

Graduate Fee Structure

Graduate Fee Structure for 2019-20

Resident StudentsNon Resident Students
Student Services Fee$564.00$564.00
Berkeley Campus Fee$728.25$728.25
Class Pass Fee – Transit$80.00$80.00
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition  N/A
Health Insurance Fee$2,620.00$2,620.00
Continuing Student Total$9,713.25$17,264.25
Document Management Fee – Masters $95.00 $95.00
Masters Total$9,808.25$17,359.25
Document Management Fee – Doctoral  $120.00$120.00
Doctoral Total$9,833.25$17,384.25

Note: The following data is provided by the university itself and is for the year 2019-2020.


What are the requirements for University of California Berkeley?

The university admits students with a GPA of 3.48 on a scale of 4.0 with exceptionally good grades and you’ve to top of your class in your respective fields. It’s clearly an indication that you need to a A-Grade student to get admitted within the University of California Berkeley.

What is University of California Berkeley best known for?

Berkeley, university of California is best known for the field of Engineering, Social Sciences, Biomedical and Biological Sciences. The University also specialises in the interdisciplinary social studies, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services.

What SAT score do you need to get into Cal Berkeley?

The SAT score for the 25th percentile is 1330 and an SAT score of 1530 for the 75th Percentile. As of now there is no SAT requirement of any particular kind but the university considers the students to have at least a SAT score of 1330

What is the #1 public university in the world?

University of California Berkeley ranking is #1 across the world  in terms of public university. As of today, no other university has had any success in getting the title from Berkeley University in California. 

Is Berkeley a prestigious school?

Yes the University of California Berkeley is one of the most prestigious University out there with a place alongside the IVY league universities and holding its own ground and competing with all other top universities in the list as well.

Is Berkeley a good college?

As the number one Public University around the world you can easily devise that the University of California Berkeley is not just good but one of the best universities out there. Listed among the top most prestigious universities across the state also makes it a great university too.

We’ve tried to cover most of the topics about The University of California Berkeley, its Admissions, Courses and Fee Structure above, but in case we’ve missed anything please let us know in the comment section below and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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