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July19, 2019
by Eporto

The California Institute of Technology or CalTech is known as the world’s best science, engineering and research school, with world class and extraordinary faculty and great students who are always seeking answers to many complex questions, creating innovative things, discovering new knowledge and helping the society in making a better future.

California institute of Technology consists of the six academic divisions with a great focus on its application on science and technology, research work and teaching as well. The California institute of technology admission requirements are very extensive and competitive, selecting only a few students who are eligible, gifted and bright minded.

California Institute of Technology have got one of the highest research output rate along with most of the other research facilities within the USA or globally. CalTech have got its own Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Seismological Laboratory and the International Observatory Network.

35 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to the respected alumni and faculty of California Institute of Technology so far, with many other awards like four Fields Medal, six Turing Awards and also 71 United States National Medal of Science and Technology. CalTech has got a world class alumni including four chief scientists of the US Air Force who have attended the university as well.

CalTech is located in Pasadena of California state with almost 11 Km away from the downtown LA. California Institute of Technology’s official mascot is a beaver, paying tribute to nature’s engineer.

CalTech students are not only famous for their academic excellence but also famous for their brilliant pranks as well, which includes the famous prank of altering the “HOLLYWOOD” sign which read CalTech, and the students did it just by covering up the parts of the letters.

California Institute of technology have got a very little population of students within its campus but not to be deceived by this ratio, with only so little students CalTech have got an amazing number of successful graduates and affiliates, with 72 Nobel Laureates, six winners of Turing Awards and also got four Fields Medalists.

CalTech’s campus consists of approximately 2,000 students, within the primary campus in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, covering about 124 acres area. Almost all the undergraduate students live on this campus .

CalTech’s have got six faculties with main focus in on science and engineering

Along with the top researchers and Nobel laureates, CalTech graduates also includes a decent number of public advisers as well as politicians mainly in the field of science, technology and energy.

The California Institute of Technology has got the house tradition system with all the first year students belonging to one of four houses as part of the school’s alternative model to group people who share the same belief. These houses have a lot of traditions and events that are carried out by each of the houses separately.

CalTech Phd programs are also famous around the globe with the highest number of students coming to pursue the PhD here and to top it all off the CalTech’s postgraduates have also made their way into some famous pop culture as well, for example the main character of the big hit TV comedy show “The Big Bang Theory” have studied in California Institute of Technology as well.

Why should you consider going to California Institute of Technology

CalTech Admissions

So here’s the main question why should you be going to CalTech, let us tell you the reason and it’s quite interesting and exciting in itself. Here are listed some reasons why CalTech is chosen by majority of students to help them reach greater heights in their careers.

Less and top notch students 

As we all know CalTech is a lot more precise in its students selection and only 249 students were selected out of 5,535 for the class of 2017. So, this means that California Institute of Technology prefers quality over quantity. So you’ll be surrounded by some of the brilliant minds from around the globe. 

Strong Management System

The Academic Council  of California Institute of Technology consists of six division Chairs, which is considered as the backbone of CalTech. These chair members meet once a month for a whole day and discuss all the important matters that need to be carried out within the university in order to improve its functioning which means that decisions are carried out and are not lost in the political and bureaucratic procedures.

A healthy sum of donation from its top Alumni

CalTech receives a large sum of donation money from either it’s alumni or major of the philanthropist that had been a part of the college. The average donation that CalTech receives is of $1.8 billion. The most healthy donation that California Institute of Technology receives is donated by Gordon Moore, a CalTech PhD graduate and co-founder of the Intel Corporation which developed the microprocessor. In October 2001. It’s known that he had donated a sum of  $600 Millions to his former university which is the largest donation of all time.

Trust is what holds CalTech Together

California Institute of Technology believes in the Honor Code: “No member of the CalTech community shall take unfair advantage of any other member of the CalTech community”. The code may seem a simple line but it gives rise to strengthen student bonding and a whole new student experience as well.

These are some of the many reasons why you should be considering CalTech as your college for further studies. If you want some more reasons you can feel free to visit CalTech.

Courses Offered by California Institute of Technology

CalTech is home to various students from around the globe, California Institute of Technology provides both graduate and undergraduate programs for all the students around the globe. There are some other interesting programs at CalTech that we’ll be discussing further below.

  1. CalTech Undergraduate Programs
  2. CalTech Graduate Programs
  3. CalTech masters program
  4. CalTech online courses

CalTech Undergraduate Programs

Every fall at California Institute of Technology about 230 new students are admitted along with 10 to 15 new transfer students. The close-knit and collaborative CalTech community of nearly 1,000 undergraduate students with the highest level of academic excellence sharing the dire interest in the field of science, engineering and technology  welcomes these new students with open arms.

CalTech Graduate Programs

CalTech enrolls graduate students every year under 30 different graduate programs consisting of engineering, natural, physical and applied sciences. Graduate and research work at California Institute of technology consists of multiple knowledge base groups, which results in a total number of 1,200 students pursuing MS , PhD or Engineer’s degree may often have to work across these various academic divisions and other departments as well.

CalTech Masters Program

CalTech Masters Program include The Master of Science degree, this is a professional degree which was designed with the sole purpose of preparations for students interested in teaching and further graduate studies or more advanced work in the industry.

CalTech Online Courses

CalTech provides various online courses to the students who can’t get directly into the university. There are a wide range of courses to choose from anyone with matching eligibility criteria can find the courses and choose to learn remotely from the website. For more information on California institute of technology admission requirements you can visit; academic portal.

Fee Structure

CalTech Fee Structure

Listed below is the fee structure provided by the California Institute of technology for year 2018-2019 :


On-Campus Off- CampusLiving With Parents
Fees 1/ 2/$8,895$1,875 $1,875 
Housing/Room 3/8,895$9,720
Board/Meals $6,630$4,059$5,418 
Additional Meal Allowance (est.) $900
Book and Supplies (est.) $1,323 $4,059$1,323
Personal Expenses (est.) $1,974 $2,997$3,258
Transportation (est. local) $1,251 $1,107

1/ Fees do not include the CalTech Student Health Insurance Plan. Students are not required to purchase health insurance through CalTech provided they have coverage through a comparable plan. The plan will cost $2,463 for the 2018-19 school year — $821 per Insurance Term. Financial aid recipients who enroll in the CalTech Student Health Insurance Plan may request that the expense be added to their estimated cost of attendance by completing the Financial Aid Request for CalTech Student Health Insurance Plan form. Students will be offered grant assistance to cover the additional expense. 

2/ All entering undergraduate students are charged a one-time, $500 Orientation Fee in addition to the mandatory fees applicable to all undergraduate students. 

3/ The Housing/Room rate included in this estimated cost of attendance is a calculated expense based on the weighted average of all available undergraduate, on-campus housing options. 

4/ A Travel Allowance to (partially) offset the cost of two round trips from a student’s primary residence may be added to this estimated cost of attendance for U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens who reside in the U.S., associated U.S. territories, Canada, or Mexico. 


On-Campus (Single apt.) On-Campus (Share 2-bedroom apt.)On-Campus
(Share 4- bedroom
Off Campus
(Share 2- bedroom apt.) (Non-CIT)
COST OF LIVING $15,300$9,000$7,620$15,300
SUBTOTAL* $33,414 $27,114$25,734$34,014

Tuition** $50,487 $50,487$50,487$50,487
Mandatory Fees $1,746$1,746$1,746$1,746

TOTAL$85,647 $79,347$77,967$86,247

*First-year students should anticipate additional expenses for capital (e.g. computer, furniture, etc.) in the amount of ~$3,000. 

**Under current Internal Revenue Code stipends are subject to income tax, but the tuition portion of an award is not taxable.

*** Includes health insurance contribution and dental insurance.

Extracurricular Activities At California Institute of Technology

CalTech extracurricular Activities

CalTech is not only home to big discoveries and  excellent academic records but also home to many recreational and extracurricular activities. Don’t get fooled by it’s small campus strength despite of that CalTech organises various of these events to nurture and develop their great minds carefully. Here are some of these activities and events organised by the California Institute of Technology:


The main aim that CalTech focuses on is the well-being of the whole students, through the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation combining the students physical, social, and emotional skills and enhancing these skills to help cultivating a sound mind and body. The CalTech department of athletics offers either individual students or a group of students participation in inter college, inter club and physical education sports.

CalTech is the founding member of the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) and is home to 20 NCAA Division III varsity sports. CalTech’s mascot, the Beaver which is considered as nature’s engineer, symbolizes the CalTech’s student’s athlete to excel both on the playground and inside their individual classrooms as well.

Clubs and Organisations

CalTech is home to a diverse range of students from around the world in spite of its less strength of students. There are a lot of students from different countries and share their diverse and rich culture with the whole university students. Where all of the students are scientists, engineers and mathematicians, but also there are students who are team leaders, musicians, composers, dancers, athletes etc.

You can share your interests with the teachers who share the same passion for that field and even there are no teachers than you can create your own club for that particular field of interest. California Institute of Technology have got more than 100 student clubs within the campus based on religion or faith based organisation, community groups, environment groups, food and other extracurricular groups name them and you’ll find them there.

Performing and Visual Arts

CalTech has its own PVA faculty which helps in nurturing the students that share the talent for the study of music and its performance, theater and the visual arts as well. They help in  tutoring and raising the students in these standards in order to help them reach their goals. The students also receives some extra credit for participating in these activities.

Theater Arts

California Institute of Technology’s Theater  Arts was founded in the mid-1980s. Theater Arts basically prepares as well as performs about two or three plays every academic year. Students at CalTech are prepared for every aspect of theater arts including acting, stage management, stage crew, light and sound operations, costumes & wardrobe, house management and publicity. This basically is an approach to nurture students by practical measures not by a simple book theory. CalTech have got a separate website for Theater Arts as well.

Center for Diversity

CalTech says ”We are committed to providing Education, Advocacy and Ally ship to create a community of Equity and Inclusive Excellence”. CalTech believes in providing proper and world class education and opportunities to help it’s diverse range of students. Diversity at California Institute of technology is a key feature that helps students grow in their own way. Various activities from around the globe helps in creating a diverse and healthy environment for students to nurture their skills. You can visit CalTech’s  Center for Diversity website for more info

The CalTech Y

CalTech Y is the program in which the university helps in creating responsible citizens out of the students. With CalTech Y the students are given various opportunities like educational tours around the world, adventure sporting trips, act as volunteers in local schools and various ambassadors live lectures and motivational speeches as well. For more information on their program visit their website at CalTech Y.


What does CalTech specialize in?

CalTech mainly focuses on the study of engineering, computer science, and the physical sciences including physics, chemistry and other physical sciences as well and is pretty good at it. CalTech also specialises in Jet Propulsion as they have got a Jet Propulsion Laboratory known as JPL.

What GPA do you need to get into CalTech?

Well as per current scenario CalTech doesn’t have any minimum GPA requirement. But as per sources the top applicants at CalTech US have a GPA of 3.5 on a scale of 4.0 and are in top 5 or 10 of their class as well.

Is JPL part of CalTech?

Yes of course JPL  or Jet Propulsion Laboratory is part of CalTech as it is managed by the California Institute of Technology, but it’s currently owned by NASA for its space programs.

What is CalTech known for?

CalTech is mainly known for its strength in engineering and natural science, including physics, chemistry and other sciences as well. As due to its proper and decent teaching it’s ranked among the top 10 universities around the world.

Is CalTech need blind for international students?

CalTech do provide a need based admission for international students. But as per sources if students doesn’t receive aid at first year then they’ll not be able to receive the aid for any other  academic period during their undergraduate program commencement.

Can you double major at CalTech?

At CalTech you need to complete your Math majors in order to graduate from CalTech, but after you’re done completing it you can fill other required courses with other extra courses offered.

We’ve Tried to cover most of the topics about California Institute of Technology USA, its Admissions, Courses and fee Structure above, but in case we’ve missed anything please let us know in the comment section below and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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